Self Storage is Easy! 2

Self Storage is Easy!

Storing furniture in Self Storage facilities is very common. When it comes to Self Storage some of us forget just how heavy furniture can be and how much room it takes up until it comes time to move!

Using our Self Storage units can cut down how often you end up moving lounge suites, mattresses, desks or cupboards: we provide peace of mind for your furniture from home and the office.

It’s wise to put a sheet of plastic down on the floor of the Self Storage unit to protect against concrete dust or marks. Stand lounge suites and mattresses on their ends to maximise space.

Don’t make boxes to heavy; you will get no thanks from the removalist or your chiropractor! Boxes become weak with age like the rest of us, so don’t over pack them!

If you want to store a table that you cannot pull apart, consider putting a blanket on the floor and place table on its top. Place the chairs on top of the table. A simple way to prevent draws from sliding out of cupboards is to use glad wrap. Wrapping around the shelves. Remember to empty the contents of shelves as they get too heavy otherwise.

Use untreated paper to wrap glasses and crockery. Don’t use newspaper as you will contaminate food containers with ink. Be careful sealing plastic bags as you will trap moisture and promote mould.

Use a couple of layers of cardboard to protect and insulate TV’s.

If you plan to move back into your house in a staged process, put the items you will need first, closest to the door: that will make it easier and faster for you to recover your stored goods.

Don’t forget to make a list of what you stored.

Moving is fun!