About Our Self Storage Units In townsville

Flexible Self Storage Solutions

When you’re moving house and waiting for the solicitor or bank to get things moving, you may need a secure self storage unit right here in Townsville. We only require 2 weeks notice for you to move out (we are very flexible with this). We also allow you to reserve one of our storage sheds so that you know there is a one ready for you when you come to need it. You can reserve your storage unit up to 3 weeks in advance without giving us a firm date. You can cancel your reservation without penalty at any point. We offer short or long term storage at NQ Self Storage, you just keep storing as long as you like until you give us notice to leave.


NQ Self Storage is surrounded by a security fence with our customers accessing the facility using the security gate with their own unique access code. The first point of security starts at your door with a padlock that only you have keys to or know the code – we do not have access to your goods in the storage sheds.

No Deposit

Unlike other storage companies we don’t ask for a deposit, you just continue to pay your rent a month in advance while storing with us.

Easy Access / 365 Days A Year

The facility is flexible access 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Start Storing Anytime

NQ Self Storage gives you the flexibility to start storing with us any day of the week. With our extended hours you can access your goods day & night.

Residential Items

Our Self Storage is mainly used by members of the public storing household items. Whether this is lounge suites, mattresses and other furnishings or electrical items such as white goods and LCD TVs. You can store them all with us here at NQ Self Storage. Also make note that its important to drain washing machines and make sure fridges and freezers are fully defrosted.

Gap Year and Student Storage

We often have requests for smaller storage units from students and other people wanting to store smaller items such as clothes, books and DVD’s etc. Often coming from James Cook University, we have students storing over the summer so they don’t have to take all their items back home. It’s a lot quicker to pop them into storage and then grab the items again at the start of the term. We have small storage units that can store push bikes, boxes, suitcases and/or smaller items of furniture. Electrical items such as flat screen TVs also fit nicely into the small storage units. Alternatively some people share the space with a friend and go for a larger storage unit instead.

Varying Sizes

When storing with us, if you fill your storage unit and decide you need more space you can change your storage unit size to be larger or smaller at any time (subject to availability of course). You can also take on an additional storage unit – they don’t both have to be for the same period of time. Some people take a small storage unit to declutter and sell their home and then an additional large storage unit to accommodate their whole house contents when the sale has gone through. Other people use a larger storage unit to sort through their items and sell some of their goods, then downsize to a smaller storage unit for the long term. If you start moving into your storage unit and find you need more (or less) space then as long as we have availability you can take a different storage unit to suit at that point.

Price Guarantee

We work hard to offer a quality product and service at the best price possible. We also offer discounts to long term storage.